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Student Testimonials

Jie Zheng, Lawyer, LL.M. 2008-2009, China


“The courses helped us deepen our understanding of international business law and find our areas of interest in law. By participating in a number of seminars, workshops, and visits to law firms, I learned about the profession and realized the importance of practical skills and strategies of communication and negotiation. I am currently working in a law firm in Shanghai, providing legal advice to foreign investors in China.”

Anelise Nigon, Lawyer, LL.M. 2009-2010, France

“This program has been one of the best experiences I had, both professionally as well as culturally. Thanks to this LL.M., I have learnt to work with many legal concepts. After graduating in 2010, I did an internship in an international business law firm where I used the concepts and methods I learnt in the LL.M. on a daily basis.”

Dan SU LL.M. 2009-2010, China


“Coming from a very rural place in China, it was a great opportunity for me to attend the LL.M.-International Business Law in a Globe Context. The courses were very well structured and offered an opportunity for students from different backgrounds to share their experience. I personally gained a lot from this program and many courses have been very useful in my work.”

Leonardo Lima, Lawyer, LL.M. 2009-2010, Brazil


“The quality of the professors, the material and the case studies, as well as the company of colleagues originating from various countries around the world, made it an extraordinary opportunity to develop my skills in the business law industry. Thus, I do recommend this program, because of its seriousness and quality.”

Shan JIANG, LL.M. 2010-2011, China


“For students like me who just finished a bachelor’s degree in China, this program exposed us to the real business and legal world and equipped us before actually starting to work. The courses were all practice-oriented. The professors were always ready to give lectures and answer questions from a practical angle. This program is definitely a smart choice for future business lawyers.”

W. Coleman Foster II, Bsc., J.D., LL.M. 2012, United States

student6“The Business Law in a Global Context LL.M. program, I have come to discover is a formidable program of exceptional professional and intellectual value. The program is led by a host of highly dedicated practitioners and scholars of the highest caliber, who come with a wealth of real world experience and expertise. Many are affiliated with the area’s most prestigious law firms or are seated at high ranking levels of government, and yet graciously impart from rich repositories of insight, through intensive and highly interactive, practice-oriented instruction. Needless to say, as a practitioner of ten years, I entered the program with the mere hopes of expanding my substantive knowledge base and honing my professional skills; however, I have concluded feeling that I have not only enhanced my career, but my life.”

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