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The Faculty of Law

The vision of the Faculty is pluralist and open to the world and relies on four pillars: education, research, society and international cooperation.

The Faculty offers a complete and comprehensive legal education that prepares students to practice law and enter other careers in which knowledge of the law is a distinct advantage.  The heart of its mandate is to form jurists to anticipate change, to see and think beyond the ‘box’ and to maintain a curious and investigative mind.  Central to its mission is therefore the transmission of knowledge and the development of analytical, research and critical skills.

In terms of the number of professors, the number of students and the number of programs, our Faculty of Law ranks as the largest not only in Quebec, but in all of Canada.  Over 50 professors and 100 lecturers teach and conduct research at the Faculty and about 1,500 students enrolled at the undergraduate and graduate level study at the Faculty.   Nearly one-third of them are graduate students registered in our broad range of programs. Most are full-time students.

Professors are dedicated to teaching and providing students the support, inspiration and motivation to become accomplished jurists.  They are available and attentive to the needs of students.  In fact, their mentoring is an essential component of the education provided by the Faculty.

The Faculty is also incredibly enriched by the presence of visiting professors, who through their research and teaching provide a unique insight into different legal systems and cultures.

Finally, countless lectures, symposia and conferences provide an extraordinarily stimulating environment for students and researchers.

Our programs

The Faculty offers a comprehensive legal education and undertakes to form jurists that are able to resolve legal problems with imagination , openness and flexibility.  The Faculty offers the Baccalaureate in Law (LL.B.) and the possibility for outstanding students to undertake enriched programs combining undergraduate and graduate studies, such as the MBA program. Our Faculty also offers a J.D. specialized in North American Common Law.

The Faculty offers one of the widest range of graduate programs in North America.  More than 20 programs are open to students who hold an undergraduate degree in law from a university in Quebec (LL.B.) or from another province or country, as well as other undergraduate degrees.

International initiatives

The involvement of the University at the international level is diversified, from exchange programs in Europe, Latin America or Asia to international cooperation.  The Faculty currently partners with over 40 foreign universities and numerous international research centres.  Our Faculty is also a member of the Association of Transnational Law Schools (ATLAS), which brings together prestigious law faculties dedicated to research on transnational law and governance.

The Faculty has been particularly active in partnering with Chinese universities and institutions.  Between 1998 and 2001, the Faculty supervised the training of Chinese Supreme Court judges.  Shortly after, in 2002, the Faculty organized its first summer school in China at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) for future UdeM graduates and other Canadian law schools.  In 2006, CUPL and the Faculty jointly headed their first summer program in Montreal for Chinese students.  The Faculty has since developed strong relationships with the Chinese judiciary and Chinese universities, such as the China University of Political Science and Law, the East China University of Political Science and Law and Wuhan University.

Research at the Faculty

Research is another pillar at the Faculty of Law.  Core to our mission is to support, produce and disseminate traditional, theoretical and interdisciplinary research.  Being open to the world, the Faculty supports the expansion of global networks, affiliations and exchanges.

Professors at the Faculty of Law are exceptionally productive when it comes to research, in terms of both publications and funding received.  Our professors have written many books in the areas of public law, private law and international law.  They continue to expand the boundaries of knowledge in advanced areas, notably legal theory, new technologies (information technologies and biotechnologies), business law and international trade. The Faculty has established research centres, groups, and chairs in which professors, professionals and research assistants or graduate students work together.

The Faculty has two research centres.  The first one specialises in public law and the second in business law and international commerce.  The Faculty is home to the Public Law Research Centre (CRDP), which was the first legal research centre in Canada and is now the largest.  Research at the CRDP concentrates on three principle axes: law and new social relations; law, information and communication technologies; and, law, biotechnology and community.

The Faculty also hosts the Centre for the Law of Business and International Trade (CDACI). The Centre was established in 1997 and is becoming a reference in commercial law at the national and international levels.  The Centre has primary researchers working along four research priorities of commercial law, namely: corporate law, international commercial law, dispute prevention and resolution, and economic analysis of law.

Research chairs are vibrant poles of specialised research where academic production abounds. Whether in the form of articles, books, conferences, online forums or blogs, chairs are a formidable source of information and intellectual life at the Faculty, and a window to the world. The Faculty holds seven research chairs, namely:

  • Canada Research Chair in North American and Comparative Legal and Cultural Identities;
  • Notarial Chair;
  • Jean-Louis Baudouin Chair in Civil Law;
  • L.R. Wilson Chair in Information Technology and E-Commerce Law;
  • Chair in Governance and Business Law;
  • Chair in e-Security and e-Business Law; and,
  • Chair Jean Monnet on the Law of the European Union.


The Faculty of Law is located on UdeM’s main campus and occupies a separate building with an elaborate library and modern digital facilities; research centres and research chairs; professional assistance and development services; a student café; and, the Law Co-op.

Law Library 

Located on the fourth and fifth floors of the Faculty, the Law Library provides a vast collection of books, periodicals, dictionaries available on site or online. Its printed collection includes over 200,000 documents, with around 80,000 legal books and 1,000 subscriptions to periodicals. The Library offers online access to many legal databases.

The Library possesses 500 seated places and a study room for master and doctoral students respectively. The Library has high-speed wireless internet and computer labs. It lends laptops and computer accessories to students and visitors. Off-campus access to the Library is available at all times.

Librarians are dedicated to helping students develop an efficient research strategy and methodology. They offer specialised trainings to the academic community. Moreover, a librarian is present at the reference desk throughout the day to provide assistance and answer inquiries. At all time, students can take an individual appointment with a librarian for further assistance or request assistance and advice through phone or e-mail.

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