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The Program

The LL.M. in Business Law in a Global Context program at UdeM is the first LL.M. program in Canada designed exclusively for foreign graduate students.

Students who successfully complete this program will have gained significant analytical and research skills in the field of comparative law and international business law, including North American business law.

Academic year

The Master of Law follows an academic calendar starting at the beginning of September and running through the end of August each year.

Program objectives

The Program’s primary objective is to train jurists specialized in international business law. In a nutshell, the LL.M. prepares students to perform in an economically and legally globalized context by using comparative, analytical and critical approaches to law.

More specifically, students in the Master of Business Law in a Global Context will:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of comparative law and international business law;
  • Critically assess the effects of different legal traditions on international business law;
  • Master the elements of corporate governance;
  • Find creative solutions to complex problems involving different fields of law and legal traditions;
  • Acquire legal knowledge and methodological research skills required of a practitioner in the legal industry.


All program courses will be given in English. Consequently, a thorough knowledge of English is essential to successfully complete the LL.M. in Business Law in a Global Context.

Resource persons

Students registered in this program will be in contact with resource persons who are fluent in French, English, and Mandarin and who are able to provide assistance.

Other activities

This program also provides opportunities for informal discussions with Canadian professors, lawyers and officials. Program participants will visit local law firms, Courts of Justice and business enterprises.

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